First interactive map with AI detected fields and crops

This unique interactive map allows you to explore and compare fields and crops in Europe and the USA. Zoom in and get to know the field: the hectarage, the crop, and the field score. In addition, on the chart, you can see how the field has changed over the past three years. Zoom out and understand the world: fields sizes and crops are displayed for each region. Compare ratings and get insights for more than 40 countries on the desktop and mobile devices.

If you like what you saw on the map for the years 2016-2018, we recommend visiting our OneSoil Business Insights page. We launched a service that provides precise statistics on global agriculture. You can request information on field boundaries, crop maps, soil moisture, vegetation indices, productivity zones, sowing dates, and harvesting dates. Get insights about 59 countries for the last 4 years.

How does it work?

The map was created by a Belarus-based ag-tech startup OneSoil. We build technologies that analyze satellite imagery using machine learning algorithms. It took us half a year to create the map. First, we learned how to clean the satellite photos from artifacts to ensure correct processing of information. Second, we trained an algorithm to allocate field boundaries automatically. For the map, we simplified the boundaries so that the visualization is really fast. The accuracy of crop classification, or F1 score, is 0.91. Third, we trained another algorithm to automatically determine a crop that grows on a field. Fourth, we created what you can now see: the map.

Credits: European Union, contains Copernicus Sentinel data (2016-2017-2018).

How do I use it?

The map reveals insights about local and global trends in crop production for farmers, advisers, and dealers. It helps to predict market performance at all levels and fosters smart decision-making. Using our technologies, we are able to give precise statistics and predictions for everyone who is involved in agriculture. Also, the map is a great interactive tool for students and researchers. And last but not least, it is simply fun.

However, we are serious about precision farming. The World's population is constantly growing but the amount of agricultural land remains the same. To feed people, farming must be effective as never before. At OneSoil we develop applications and an online platform that aim to help every farmer to make the best use of their land. All our products for farmers are free.

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First interactive map with AI detected fields and crops

Compare ratings for the whole USA and Europe. Get insights about local and global trends in crop production. For farmers, advisers, dealers, students and just curious people.