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The First Interactive Map with AI-Detected Fields and Crops

About the map

First launched in 2018, the updated OneSoil Map allows you to explore fields and crops in more than half the world for 2020. Anyone can get global agricultural insights on their desktop or mobile device for free.

We expanded the geography covered and enhanced the accuracy of the data included after improving our machine learning model. Now, we have comprehensive data for 59 countries since 2017. We have also added seasons and sandboxes: these are areas in different regions of the Earth where you can see all the field data.

How to use it

To explore fields on all continents except Antarctica, zoom in and choose a sample test area. You'll see the hectarage and crop for every field in the region.

After you examine the fields in individual regions, zoom out to get a picture of the world. Average field sizes, crops, and the number of fields are displayed at a global level.

Where to find more

If you like what you saw on the OneSoil map for 2020, visit our OneSoil Global Analytics website. Global Analytics is a B2B service that gives high-quality global agricultural statistics. We can provide you with data on field boundaries, crops, sowing dates, productivity zones, field scores, and crop hectarage.

Thanks to the continuous improvement of our proprietary machine learning algorithms since 2017, we create state-of-the-art datasets that help businesses make more accurate data-driven decisions.

How the map helps

The map reveals insights about local and global trends in crop production for companies that work with food processing, crop protection, seed production, and agricultural equipment, as well as for carbon platforms, trading companies, financial institutions, and researchers.

Created by OneSoil, a Swiss digital product company.

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The First Interactive Map with AI-Detected Fields and Crops

Compare ratings for more than half the world. Get insights about local and global trends in crop production. For farmers, advisers, dealers, students and just curious people.